to the stars yoga~ with steffi




Private Classes - $45/h for individual instruction, $20/person for groups of 3+

For the childbearing year:

  • I am currently offering pre/post natal classes to all trimesters as well as 6 weeks postpartum with a doctors okay.  I am available for private sessions as well as group. I currently have a pre/post natal class available Saturdays at 9 am at the Yoga Garden in Apex NC. 
Regular classes offered:
  • Power Yoga - Intensive yoga practice with emphasis on strength and flexibility.  For intermediate to advanced yogis.
  • Gentle Yoga - Less intense than power yoga, but still a good work out. This class will offer longer holds in asana and deep breathing techniques.   
  • Beginner - This class is designed for new yogis. There will be be lots of coaching to get you into asanas (poses) in a safe and inviting way. Learn some new tricks in addition to some insight on yoga philosophy as well as an introduction to breathing techniques (Pranayama) and mindful meditation basics. 
  • Vinyasa Flow - This is the traditional (western) version of yoga. Mindful meditation based practice as well as an energizing flow to build strength and flexibility. 
  • Restorative Yoga - Restorative yoga is a restful asana practice designed to calm the body and mind. Relax in poses that fully support the body with props to let the day's troubles melt away. 
  • Yin Yoga - Yin yoga is a very slow flow where we stay in asanas for up to five minutes at a time. Holding poses for extended amounts of time increases flexibility by not only stretching muscles, but also getting into the soft ligaments (fascia), which creates increased range of motion. 
  • Meditation (basics) - this class is a comprehensive look at the benefits and holistic qualities of meditation, as well as a guided meditation to help you open the mind. 
  • Meditation (advanced) - this a guided meditation class for the intermediate to advanced student. 
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